Cost of Sunrooms

Picture yourself on a bright morning, sitting on a cozy sofa and enjoying the outdoor view.

You flip the page of your favourite novel while soft music is being played in the background.
Your hair is not being disturbed as you read even though you are outside.
You give a glance at nature, which looks so mesmerizing. You are surrounded by tranquillity and peace.

You’re warm and feeling comfortable because you’re sitting in the sunroom, and now it’s your most favourite place in the home. You’re proud of investing in it efficiently.

It is the perfect space for relaxing outdoors without actually being there. With windows aplenty, a well-decorated and painted sunroom breathes life and energy into your interior.

If reading this puts you at ease, imagine actually experiencing all of this.


A solarium, also called a sunroom, is made completely of glass, allowing abundant sunlight to brighten the room. Originally, it is meant to give you the feeling of outdoors while sitting indoors enjoying the comfy environment. It can offer you a beautiful view of your surroundings by virtue of glass walls and roof.

Benefits of Solarium

There are many pros of making solarium an addition in the house. One can always enjoy the view outside by staying safe indoors whilst enjoying the natural daylight. The peace and tranquillity in sitting in a warm cozy sofa is unmatchable. Plants can also be used if the solarium is climate controlled, to furnish the room well Plants are healthy to keep indoors, and they also affect the mood.


A solarium can be transformed into an additional living space with electronic devices in it. Guests can be invited over and entertained.

Apart from these, the solarium addition also increases the value of the property.

Cost of Sunrooms

If you are planning to make an addition to your home but do not have enough information about it, then continue reading.

As the benefits have been discussed earlier, there could be many reasons why you would want a sunroom in your house. Not only it benefits you psychologically by keeping your mind sane, but it can also help you financially as it’s a great investment.

The insulated glass used in the making of the sunroom provides an efficient heating and cooling system. Before making the decision, you should always look into the details and research on the options that could be given to you for installing the sunroom according to your budget.

Type of Solarium Total Price
Solarium $34,000-$79,000
4-Season Sunroom $24,000-$75,000
3-Season Sunroom $12,000-$42,000

The cost of the sunroom varies between $130 to $220 per square foot depending on the size, type, and quality and the area you’re residing in. There are other factors as well which affect the total amount. 

Four-season sunroom

This type of sunroom is suitable for all types of seasons, as the name suggests. The weather does not affect it as it is completely climate-controlled. The cost of this sunroom is high because of the thick insulated glass and other materials.

Three-season sunroom

This type of sunroom is the most affordable for people who do not stay at home all year round.

The cost of a three-season sunroom is comparatively less because the level of insulation is low. This sunroom functions best in moderate temperatures. It is not suitable for extreme hot and cold weather unless you spend a lot of money on its’ insulation material.

Additional expenses for adding a sunroom:


  • The common expenses for adding a sunroom are as follows:
  • Building permits
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Electrical work
  • Roofing
  • Window and door installation
  • Interior furbishing

In most areas, a building permit is required for any kind of addition in your home, whether it be a solarium or a deck.

Cons of Sunrooms

The main issue most people have is whether investing in a sunroom is worth the cost. The right answer is yet to be found because it depends on the client’s budget and needs. The benefits you will get from adding a sunroom in your house are many, but there exist a few cons as well. It’s impossible to put a cost figure to the tranquil and relaxation you’ll experience in your sunroom.

Choose a quality sunroom contractor

Your choice of sunroom contractor is really critical when planning this addition to your home. Quality, dependable contractors need to charge a fair price for their work, and they earn it. Not all sunroom contractors are equal by any stretch of the imagination. Make sure you find a reasonable and appropriate sunroom supplier as closely as you investigate the design and materials you’d like.

Take the following things into consideration while choosing your sunroom contractor:

  • Their specialization in sunroom design and installations. Sunroom specialists have hands-on experience in building an effortless structure.
  • They are customer-oriented. Companies need to ensure that they uphold their promises since many companies don’t deliver as they say.
  • They are properly licensed and insured. Check their record. Do your own research.
  • Visit the sunrooms they have already made so that you are satisfied with their work.
  • The warranties are valid.
  • They are easy to communicate with.
  • Ensure the standard workmanship.
  • Classic exterior takes pride in being a quality sunroom supplier to satisfy their customers.

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