Replace or Repair?


A sunroom is an extraordinarily tempting substitute to a standard addition in the house.

When designed appropriately, it could become the most comfortable and snug area in your home.

For years, sunrooms have been popular for its numerous benefits over other home additions. With the airy design, natural light and panoramic view, homeowners get a space in that they can enjoy. They can enjoy the wonderful nature without actually being outdoors. Sunrooms are an affordable addition to the house, and like every other area of the home, it needs re-furbishing after a period of time.

If the sunroom starts to look a bit scruffy, it may not be a space to enjoy spending much time or feeling cozy. Making a few key amendments to space can reenergize the life of the room.


It’s of little to no surprise to experience problems developing in the sunroom insulation material or the furniture. The glass, windows and ceilings can demand renovation after some time. One of the most common and reported issues faced in the sunroom is water leakage. Slumping seals can allow moisture to exude inside. This occurs due to the water vapours collected. This occurs due to the temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors. In due course, this results in structural damage, rotten wood, corrosion and growth of fungi.

Window condensation

Another reported issue is window condensation. This is usually reported in the sunrooms, which were built many years ago. Condensation occurs on the exterior side of the glass in humid and hot weather, but abundant moisture on the inside can be concerning. Some other problems faced are cracked frames, disfigured floors and torn screens.


Although the glasses are shatterproof, they can wear off under abnormal behaviours or after many years. Another reason would be that the design style might get too classical for the people using the sunroom. Nonetheless, sooner or later, it demands to be overhauled or replaced.


 Problem cases can be categorized into two. One of the issues is resolved by a few amendments, while some situations only require the sunroom to be replaced altogether. For instance, fixing a frame in which some of the parts have dried can be very demanding, especially when their primary support is all glass. Once you hinder the process of the basic framework, ameliorating such spots can be very challenging and risk-taking.

Fix or Get New?

Another consideration is the satisfactory level with the sunroom they are currently using. Naturally, clients’ needs change over time. When the aged sunroom does not fulfill the reasons why the sunroom was made, then it demands replacement or up-gradation. For example, converting from a three- to a four-season due to the reason that it’s suitable for all seasons. As four-season sunrooms have expensive and high-level insulated frames, climate control is maintained. The better option is to get it replaced rather than getting it repaired to improve your heated/ air-conditioned three-season room.

Not to disregard the fact that parts to be replaced; they are available in the market. If the manufacturer is not available, then it can be challenging to find the appropriate hardware. Custom-made hardware is expensive and will be a time-taking process. 

At Classic Exterior, exceptional sunrooms are made at affordable rates. If you intend to replace your aged sunroom, contact us today. We will set a non-obligatory consultation with one of our representatives.

We offer a wide selection of attractive designs for your home additions. Making the right modifications will revitalize the sunroom, and you’ll be able to enjoy it more.

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