Why You Should NOT Wait on Solarium Repair

Solarium Repair

If you’re like many people, you may have damage or wear and tear in your solarium. Since it doesn’t impact much as far as the appearance or functionality of the area, you probably aren’t very motivated to get it repaired. This is the worst decision when it comes to the integrity of the solarium and your wallet.

Minor Problems Become Major Problems

It may start with a slight crack, but over time that slight crack becomes a bigger crack. It’s not only longer but wider too. This weakens everything around it. The windows, adjacent walls, and the overall structure may not be as strong as it was before the crack. As harsh weather pounds on the solarium, it causes additional damage because the structure isn’t strong enough to withstand the elements.

Even though you may have started with a minor crack that didn’t seem like a big deal or you needed to be fixed, you’re now looking at a major problem or problems that need to be repaired immediately before something much worse happens.

Major Problems Equals More Repairs

When you wait on solarium repair, minor repairs that wouldn’t have cost much money turn into major repairs that cost a lot of money to repair. In some cases, a rebuild may be necessary which is something no one wants to hear.

You may not want to pay for repairs at all. However, paying for a solarium repair in Toronto now is better than waiting when it’s more expensive.

How To Know There’s a Problem

Some of our customers who come to us for solarium repair in Toronto tell us they didn’t know there was a problem until something much worse happens, such as a major leak during a rainstorm. Since it is so important to repair solariums as soon as possible, the following are some of the signs yours may have a problem.

Sign #1: Foggy Windows

Condensation in the double panes of the windows is a common problem that many people ignore since it goes away as the day warms up with the sun. While there may not be a problem if it’s happening in one window, when all windows are affected, it’s usually a bigger problem than you may think.

It’s not about the windows – the fog is just a sign condensation may be an issue in other places. It could be inside the structure of the solarium and that causes mold. The longer this is ignored, the worse the mold gets and this can lead to a few problems:

  • People in your home may start to feel sick.
  • The mold can spread around the entire solarium.
  • It can be difficult to eliminate the mold in some places, which increases the costs.
  • Mold remediation may be difficult and that can lead to recurrence.

Many of our customers say they didn’t think the fogginess was a big deal. Please know that it is a big deal and you should at least call us to investigate the situation. We can let you know if it’s just minor condensation or it’s something that needs to be controlled.

Sign #2: Leaking Solarium

Leaks in solariums are common. Many people think it’s a minor one that can be simply resolved with caulking. This is untrue. Caulking only band-aids the problem. In other words, the leak is a sign of a much bigger internal issue. It could mean the flashing at the intersection of your solarium and the main structure of the house has been compromised. This means the intersection needs to be repaired. If where the leak occurs is caulked, the water will still get into the area between the flashing and the house. This will cause leaking in other areas or the same area again. It can also cause mold issues since there’s nowhere for the water to go until it can erode the structure enough to leak out again.

Again, caulking may seem like the perfect, low-cost solution to leaks, but it’s not. It could end up causing a bigger problem you cannot see, and that will come along with an expensive repair bill. We recommend having the waterproofing and roof flashing repaired at the first sign of an issue rather than waiting.


Do you have an old solarium that leaks and rotting?

We have successfully repaired literally hundreds of solariums, conservatories and pool rooms of different style makes & sizes.

Why experience matters?

A successful repair or solarium replacement that will last requires a thorough knowledge of building construction, product engineering, drainage and condensation. Experience & knowledge allow the ability to assess structural damage and explain it so you the client can make a good decision. Many of the original manufactures & suppliers have gone out of business and we have seen it all and know how to tackle the simplest to the most complicated of projects.

What about our Workmanship?

Every solarium type is different and requires different skills and expertise. Our team of expert tradesmen provide a turnkey service. We provide caulking, sealing a solarium, flashings, carpentry, drywall, finished carpentry and paint to full scale design of solarium addition. We are fully licenced and proudly stand behind our name and work.
Working with the best materials we can guarantee high quality and excellent customer service.

Consider Annual Solarium Inspections

In addition to calling us for solarium repair in Toronto as soon as you notice a problem, you should consider setting up annual inspections. Our experienced solarium specialists will come to your home and check all areas to ensure there aren’t any minor issues that could end up causing bigger ones. If our specialists find anything, they will report to you with their recommendations, so you can make a well-informed decision on how to proceed. The specialist can even tell you what could happen if the issue is not addressed and how much a repair would cost in that case. This way you can compare whether or not it’s worth it to you to have the solarium repaired now versus later.

Contact Us for Solarium Repair in Toronto

Now you know why you should not wait for solarium repair, so contact us if you have noticed any issues or you would like to set up an inspection. We are your trusty solarium specialists will maintain the integrity of one of your favorite rooms of the house, so you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come. Call us now at (647) 220-9221 for more information.

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