Sunroom Types

Starting with the Basics 

Sunrooms are glass and screen enclosures added to a home to make a novel indoor space with an open-air feel. Sunrooms allow for a lot of light to enter the room. Numerous sunroom proprietors discuss a change in the house’s look that they feel when this one of a kind room is included. It has multiple names: sun patio, porch enclosure, glass nook, solarium, or Florida.

We can enclose practically any current roofed space with our screen room or sunroom structures. If you have a current yard or attached porch, we can change it into a usable living space that won’t hinder your view!

It is critical to take note that not all sunrooms or screen rooms are made equivalent. Yard Enclosures sunrooms are custom and specially made entirely to your preferences, yet additionally, they offer the most thorough principles for security, energy productivity, and a natural friendly atmosphere.

Three Season Sunrooms

Adore these rooms from spring through fall or longer, relying upon your topographical area. A room built with a solid aluminum outline is exemplary in worth and workmanship. Depending upon your arranged use of the room, three-season sunrooms are accessible with single-sheet glass or two-fold sheet-protected glass. Your plan specialist will have the option to suggest the development components directly for your needs. Unlike the four-season room and solarium, three-season sunrooms are not intended to be warmed or cooled continuously.

Four Season Sunrooms

Utilize these rooms the whole year, regardless of where you live. You’re allowed to adore the outside without stress or bugs. For extreme atmosphere control, introduce a heating or cooling scheme. Browse whether you want Aluminum or Vinyl (secure with aluminum or steel surrounding). Structural thermal breaks in the edge and our twofold sheet protected glass help keep your energy costs down.

Your plan expert will suggest development components dependent on how you intend to use the room.
With endless sorts and styles to browse, planning your sunroom can be a devastating task. We’re here to make it simple. Making sense of how you intend to utilize your room is a decent beginning stage.



Screen rooms 


Need fresh air? Our almost undetectable dark aluminum screens cover this space to give you maximum visibility. Adore streaming atmosphere and safety from bugs. A screen enclosure is ideal for balconies, yards along with multi-floor structures, condominiums, and townhouses.


Encased/Enclosed Porches


Encase your space with any porch enclosure system. It is the most cost-effective approach to transform your patio into an extra living space.

The screen in your patio is to adore the late spring breezes or add glass to broaden the utilization of the space.



Encircle yourself with glass on all sides or more. Our creative aluminum-surrounding system permits us to introduce both the warming and cooling system. Our thermally designed casing and 1” thick dual-sealed protected glass keep your energy costs down without losing solace.

Traditional Sunrooms


Our generally encircled sunroom – it takes the best of the two universes and consolidates them into one. Our traditional sunrooms are traditional room additions developed with ordinary materials like wood, drywall, and protection. They’re planned and worked as a genuine expansion of your current home. We can occupy space with the same windows and doors in multiple designs as required.

Sunroom options

When you’ve decided the sort of room that best suits your necessities, you’ll need to think of different elements. Classic Exteriors can offer you many options.

The interesting points are:

  1. Frame Options
  2. Roof Options
  3. Glass Options 


    Frame options

We custom cut your glass into boards. Glass panels structure the walls of your room. Everything is held set up with a casing, made of either aluminum or vinyl secured with aluminum or steel.


Aluminum Sunroom


Our aluminum outlines are excluded at different thicknesses depending upon the kind of room you pick. This brings about a sunroom that is fundamentally solid and meets or closely resembles the national building laws. Aluminum is the most robust material accessible. It is resistant to temperature and dampness, so it’ll never rust, twist or decay.

Colour decisions can be made with a lot of options including white, sandstone, or bronze. Our completions give the highest protection from scratching, blurring, stripping, and chipping – giving you incredible shading.

Roof options


Classic Exteriors is one of the leading sunroom organizations to have an ENERGY STAR® qualified roof panel system. This gives you the most energy-efficient rooftop framework in the industry.

Worried about snow or fierce winds? Classic Exteriors sunroom roofs are among the strongest in the industry because of structurally designed I-beams. Your design specialist can show you an example of our rooftop board with an I-beam.

Roof styles


The rooftop is a crucial segment of your sunroom, solarium, or screen enclosure. We’ll keep in mind the general look and map of your home while planning. 

Glass Options


We pay attention to glass, mainly because it’s the fundamental component of the sunroom. You can depend on Classic Exteriors to provide sunroom glass choices that are:

  • Energy proficiency
  • Strength
  • Safety
  • Weather assurance
  • UV assurance

Unlike others, we cut and temper our own glass to build your space to precise details, expanding glass to give you substantial clear perspectives. We additionally coat our glass with a marine-grade tight seal.

Single-Sheet Glass


Single-sheet is standard on our three-season rooms with options of clear glass or bronze colour.

Double-Pane Insulated Glass


Includes two sheets of glass; insulated glass is a mainstream choice for expanding the seasonal use of sunroom. It will improve heating and cooling performance over the single-sheet glass. Double-pane insulated glass is standard on our all-season rooms. It is worked with warm-edge SuperSpacer® innovation, which supports seal failure and denies the exchange of heat. The colour options you get here are clear glass or bronze colour.

Comfort-Gard® plus High-Performance Glass


Maximize your solace and lower your heating and cooling costs with our Comfort-Gard® High-Performance Glass. It’s one of the developed glass choices accessible without undesirable room darkening impacts to expand warming and cooling return. This elite glass:

  • Retains more warmth in the winter, keeping you hotter.
  • Reflects heat in the mid-year to lessen cooling costs by 25%.
  • Saves your texture, furniture, and floor covers from blurring by impeding UV beams 90% more viably than ordinary glass.
  • Controls glare in splendid, sunny atmospheres.
  • Choose from clear glass or bronze in colour.


How can it do this?


  1. Utilizes a figured 16-layer soft-coat Low-E.
  2. Insulated with argon gas.
  3. Built with warm-edge SuperSpacer® innovation between the glass sheets, which forestalls seal disappointment and forbids the exchange of heat.

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