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We are replacing an old solarium and it faces south and it over heats. What are my options?

The heating & cooling mechanicals are where you start. Make sure the AC unit and ducts are sized correctly for your glass room. There are separate AC units that do a great job in cooling solarium alone.  Secondly, you need the right glass in the roof or slope. We recommend Heat Mirror glass or units with a min of triple silver such as cardinal 366 or Solarban 70 or 90. In the walls double silver such as Lowe272 or Solarban 60 works well. Alternatively, manual or motorized blinds or shades work well.

What designs are available?

We fabricate an engineered slope glazed system that is custom size and design to fit into the existing architecture of your home. We provide a full service from consolation, concept & shop drawings to full permit drawings and permits.

We need a new solarium but have just renovated putting in a new kitchen, floors, trim & paint and I am concerned about the damage and dust. How would you handle this?

After 25 years, and hundreds of repairs, replacements and new builds our customers have taught us the us the process is almost as important as the finished product and site preparation a key. In consultation with the client each project receives floor protection, temporary walls, to keep out of your house, dust, elements and critters. This provides our clients security and peace of mind. See our videos and check references.

You say that you build & install an engineered solarium and conservatory. Are not all products engineered what does that mean to me?

All solarium additions require an engineer’s stamp for permits & installation. However, many solariums do not have positive drainage or condensation gutter. There system relies on caulking to prevent water infiltration. 10 years in it is continual leaking, maintenance & caulking. When we install our addition to your home you can have peace of mind it will last. 

What finishes to the frame are available?

There are 4 standard finishes, anodized black, bronze, clear & Duracron white. We custom paint the exterior & interior in a very durable Duracron finish.

We recently had our windows replaced by a Loewen and want to have the French doors in our conservatory room to match. Is that possible with you?

Yes, we work with all the major window and door manufactures. We also have our own windows and patio doors that have slimmer lines and match our standard finishes.

We have 2 octagon shaped skylights that are old, rotting and leaking. They are on the third-floor flat roof approx. 30 feet up with a small trap door access. How would you handle this?

We would prefabricate and assemble the frames in our shop and with a crane lift plywood to protect roof assembles frames, glass & flashings etc. to roof. Install and the crane would come back a second day to remove everything. We use equipment like the regularly. Our team are all properly licensed and have fall arrest & working at heights certificates.

We have an old solarium that needs replacing. It requires drywall repairs, trim paint and flooring. Do you provide these services or do I need to find my own?

We provide a full service, turnkey, framing insulation drywall trim, flooring & paint. Many of the repairs & replacement we do require all these services and more. We have longstanding relationships with trades such as a master electrician, heating and air conditioning. All of our workmanship is of the highest standards so you can be assured & have peace of mind.

How long does it take from signing a contract to completion?

Roof glass is tempered over laminated and that takes 4 to 6 weeks. Custom doors can take even longer. Typically, its 8 to 10 weeks depending on the size of the project and scope of work.

How long does the installation onsite take?

Again, it really depends on the size and scope for work. We have glass replacement jobs that are complete in a day and new build solariums that take 3 months. Any project that extends past a day should factor a couple of rain days in

I have a solarium that is about 20yrs old. The frame is aluminum and 8 of the seals are broken in the glass and they are foggy. Apart from how bad it looks, if I leave it will it do any further damage?

Are there any leaks? Often the leaks follow. Seal failure is usually caused by structural movement or water infiltration. When the rubber  that hold the glass get old and shrink water gets in that eats away the spacer in the sealed units.  So… it’s a good idea to replace the glass and rubber and reseal caulk everything and the same time.

I have an old wood solarium made in 1989. There is some rotting wood in both bottom corners and the seals in the glass are gone. We are trying to decide if we should repair it or replace it. We may move in the next 5 to 10 years. Any advice?

If I were to come to your home to asses, the first thing I look at is it structurally sound to hold the glass? For if its not things will move and there will be more leaks and the glass will fail again. If the structure is sound then glass replacement and new flashings where needed and a reseal is a good, less expensive option.

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